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Crafting the Perfect Real Estate Listing Post

Looking to add a bit of curb appeal to your real estate listings? Don’t just list them!

Social media is an invaluable tool for driving visibility and engagement with your listings. But you can’t just throw up a few badly lit photos with a caption that reads “Newly listed!” and expect your listing to gain traction from potential buyers.

Well, you can do this, but we highly suggest getting a little more creative and putting in the effort so that you don’t just get a few bites, but instead a flood of DM’s asking more about the property. Which is the goal, right?

So, how do you do this? Check out these tips for using social media as an effective way to market properties and get the perfect buyer in no time!

Tip #1: Use high-quality photos and videos. When creating a listing post, the first thing to keep in mind is that you want the post to show buyers exactly what they can expect from their dream home and neighborhood.

And because real estate is a highly visual sector by nature, you must have good-quality photos and a lot of them. You want enough high-quality photos to create a carousel post or even create a Reel (or BOTH!), that highlights all of the main features of the house. From that high-ceiling living room to the chef’s kitchen to the backyard pool, be sure to capture every aspect of the home that is sure to grab a potential buyer’s interest.

And while we’re talking visuals, don’t forget videos! Video tours are becoming increasingly popular among real estate agents because they give prospective buyers a more intimate look at what they’re buying. Using video to list a property is basically like giving prospective buyers a virtual tour—it allows potential buyers to see the property in all its glory—from the outside landscaping to the inside features—from the comfort of their own homes.

Utilizing video is also a great way to showcase the surrounding neighborhood by bringing potential buyers on a tour of what restaurants, shops, parks, etc. are nearby.

Tip #2: Use hashtags. Hashtags help people find what they are looking for. So if you want buyers to find your new listings amongst the millions of IG posts, you gotta use them. But there is a big difference between throwing a few hashtags onto the end of your caption vs using hashtags strategically.

Now, what do we mean by strategically? Using the right ones. And when it comes to new listings, the right hashtags are local hashtags. That means if you live in Atlanta, Georgia, you’d want to use hashtags such as #atlantaga, #atlantarealestate, #atlantahomes, #atlrealestateagent…you get the idea.

This ensures that the right people (aka the people searching for homes in Atlanta) are able to find your listing.

Tip #4: Add your location:

Similar to hashtags, adding your location to your listing post helps

it becomes more visible to potential buyers. That’s because when you tag the location of where the property is (like tagging Atlanta, GA if your listing is in Atlanta), your post will pop up to people who search for that certain location. Not only does adding a location help your listing become more easily found, posts with a tagged location result in a 79% higher engagement than posts without a tagged location.

And more engagement on your post means more exposure which means more potential buyers seeing the listing.

Tip #3: Instagram stories. Instagram stories are fun, engaging, and featured at the top of the Instagram app’s feed (aka prospective buyers will see them right away). Here are just a few of the many ways to use stories to promote your listings:

  • Take short videos of each room in the house so potential buyers get a sense of what it looks like in person

  • Use the poll stickers and have followers guess what the listing price of the home is, or what unique features it may have (such as a pool or backyard garden)

  • Use the question box feature to have followers ask any questions they may have about the listing

  • Post before-and-after shots of any renovations or updates you’ve done on the home

  • Give viewers behind-the-scenes tours of open houses or showings you’ve held for potential buyers

  • Show off any amenities nearby (such as parks, restaurants, etc.) that could be attractive to buyers

Tip #4: Call-to-action. Last but certainly not least, be sure to always use a call to action when promoting a new listing. For example, if you’re showcasing a home in a certain neighborhood, ask followers if they would like to see more homes in the area by using the poll feature.

Another call to action could be incorporating a link to the listing and saying “Schedule a viewing today!” Ultimately, your call to action should encourage potential buyers to take the next step and reach out for more information.

Now it’s time for our own call to action—be sure to subscribe to our email list for more tips on utilizing social media to level up your real estate business!

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