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Real Estate Influencers! Can you really make an additional 5 figures with this extra income stream?

Making money while simply doing what you love to do every day might seem like a tall order for most people. But you’re a real estate agent who loves what you do so you know it’s totally possible.

If you love your Pink Door Social Agent membership and the way it helps you effortlessly grow your real estate biz, then you should leverage that love to make some extra money by becoming a Pink Door Affiliate!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

For the uninitiated, affiliate marketing is when people share the products and services that they love and use every day with their audience. Then, when their audience makes a purchase with the affiliate’s special link or code, the affiliate gets a commission or a percentage of the sale. It’s all about telling people what you love to use in your daily life and bringing in practically passive income as a result.

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest-growing fields out there, and you jump into it quickly and easily with Pink Door. There aren’t any start-up costs, and you don’t have to do any sleazy selling. You just do what you already do–sharing what you love (like your Pink Door membership!) with your audience–and get a cash kickback as a bonus.

How Does the Pink Door Affiliate Program Work?

Pink Door Social Agent’s affiliate program is simple and lets you tap into the power of your network to bring in extra moo-lah every month. When you spread the word about Pink Door, you get a hefty 25% recurring commission on every person who signs up through your personalized affiliate link. The best part is that once you get your real estate pals signed up, you bring in income from their membership without needing to do a thing, basically making you passive income at that point.

In Pink Door’s affiliate program, you get $9.25 for each member you sign up every month their membership stays active. As you can guess, this adds up fast, so let’s break down what that would look like for you.

If you get your 5 closest real estate friends to sign up, you get $46.25, which pays for a month of those oat-milk-shaken espressos that you love so much. When you start posting about Pink Door on your social media and get 25 sign-ups, you’ll get $231.25 per month to pay for your kid’s summer camp or your shoe addiction. Once you spread the word and get 50 people signed up, you’ll bring in $463.50 to help pay off your mortgage early and buy an investment property.

Long story short, when you share Pink Door with your audience, you’re opening the door to some pretty awesome extra cash each month that can really be life-changing.

Now, you’re probably wondering about the nuts and bolts of becoming a Pink Door affiliate. Like everything else at Pink Door, we’ve made it easy for you! Once you sign up, you get all the graphic templates, catchy swipe copy, and monthly tips and tricks you need to let your audience know about your experience with Pink Door. Then you use the done-for-you content and copy to promote the Pink Door Social Agent membership through your personal connections, email list, and/or your social media accounts.

All you have to do is share your love for Pink Door and give your audience a path to try it out for themselves. There’s no hard sales and nothing complicated or icky-feeling. Once your audience joins the Pink Door membership, you get that 25% recurring commission and see your earnings drop into your bank account by the 5th of every month. Super easy and effortless.

Is the Pink Door Affiliate Program Right for You?

The Pink Door affiliate program is perfect for the real estate agent, mortgage lender, or

marketing influencer who loves our membership and wants to share it with the world. It’s a great program for those who have a coaching business or an engaged email list or social media following. But you don’t need a huge audience to become a super successful affiliate marketer. You just have to tap into your existing network of real estate agents and lenders and help them out by sharing your experience with Pink Door.

Basically, if you’re one of the 3,500+ people who have trusted Pink Door Social Agent to help them bring in new clients through fun, fresh digital real estate marketing and want to get some extra cash as a result, you should sign up for the Pink Door Affiliate Program.

Become a Pink Door Affiliate Today!

Want to start bringing in extra monthly income while spreading the Pink Door love? Sign up to become a Pink Door affiliate at this link! Just tap “Become an affiliate” and enter your information. Then, once you’re approved, we’ll send you a cute welcome email with your affiliate link and customized discount code so you can share Pink Door with your audience for a steal. You’ll also get all the tools you need to start making money just by sharing what you love!

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