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The Best Social Media Platform To Grow Your Real Estate Business

There’s no question about the importance of social media for Realtors. In fact, in a 2021 survey, 53% of realtors listed social media as the third most valuable tool in getting leads and closing deals. And a recent survey by the National Association of Realtors found that 47% of real estate companies agree that leads from social media are of higher quality than leads from other sources.

So the question is not should you be using social media, but rather which of the many platforms is best for Realtors when it comes to growing their real estate career?

Here are our top 3 picks for the best social media platforms to promote your real estate business and listings.

Instagram - Instagram has been around for over a decade now, and its tried and true presence makes it one of the most powerful platforms for real estate agents. Instagram is a visual platform, and real estate is a highly visual sector. So when it comes to promoting new listings with high-quality, beautiful photos, there really isn’t a better online space than one that’s built for posting images.

Another benefit of Instagram is its age demographic. Over 45% of Instagram's users are between the ages of 25-44 years of age. Stats also show that over 60% of it’s users have a household income of $100,000 or more. This means they most likely have the ability to purchase a home or are already homeowners, who may be looking to sell.

And with 99% of millennials turning to the Internet to search for homes, this makes the platform the perfect place for posting new listings.

Facebook - Facebook is one of the OG’s of social media, and it remains one of the top platforms today, accounting for over 50% of all U.S. social media activity. Along with its large user base, what makes Facebook such a valuable tool for Realtors is its built-in marketing tools that allow users to hyper-target ads, such as specific demographics and neighborhoods.

This allows you to really hone down exactly who you want to advertise to so you know your ads are reaching the right potential clients. And while Instagram may cater a bit more to the younger home-buying crowd, Facebook tends to have an older audience. So if you’re looking to reach those baby boomers, this is your place!

TikTok - The newest of the three platforms, TikTok is no longer just a space for GenZ to create viral choreographed dance trends. As the app has grown in popularity, more and more professionals are now leveraging TikTok to generate leads and further their business reach.

The reason? TikTok makes it easy to be seen by new viewers due to its algorithm, which is based on its “For You” page. Basically, the content a user sees is curated using algorithms associated with location, interests, online interaction, and search history. This means you don’t have to use paid advertising to reach a wide, and new, audience. Some of the best ways to utilize TikTok as a real estate agent are to show off new listings, before and afters, and to get onboard trends and showcase your personality.

It’s impossible to maintain a strong social media presence on every platform out there while also doing your job (aka being a BOSS real estate agent). So instead, narrow your focus down to a few platforms and use them in ways that are most effective for each, and in ways that accomplish your business goals.

For example, if your niche is first-time homebuyers, turn to Instagram. If you want to focus on targeted ads and a demographic that is more established in life, Facebook is the place. And if you want to reach a new and larger audience without worrying about the cost of paid advertisement, try out TikTok. You can pick one platform and start there or, it’s also not impossible to be successful on all three channels at once. As long as you have a cohesive strategy in place, it can be easy to market on multiple platforms!

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