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The Role of Instagram Stories in Real Estate Marketing

Have you ever opened your Instagram app to casually browse through your feed, only to emerge an hour later after tapping through all of the stories of everyone you follow?

Instagram stories are one of the most engaging (and addictive) features on Instagram, and for good reason.

They are at the top of the feed (offering easy and fast click-ability), they disappear in 24 hours (providing a sense of urgency and curiosity to view before they’re gone), and they are interactive with the use of polls, Q&A boxes, and swipe up links (giving excitement to our brains). And with 500 million daily viewers, Instagram stories are one of the best and easiest ways to get seen by current and prospective clients.

So, how can you use Instagram stories to enhance your marketing strategy and elevate your business? Here are five ways Instagram stories can boost your social media presence and help you become the go-to resource for all things real estate.

1. Inspire Potential Buyers - Use short videos to give prospective buyers an inside look into properties they may be interested in. Show them the neighborhood, nearby amenities, or even what it looks like inside after a successful closing. This will give them an idea of what their life could be like if they choose one of your listings.

2. Educate Your Audience - Build trust by providing educational content about the home buying process on your stories. You can use this platform to answer frequently asked questions from potential buyers by utilizing the question box feature and asking “Ask me anything about real estate!” This gives followers the chance to ask any questions they may have about real estate, and gives you the chance to be the expert by using your knowledge of real estate to answer! Stories are also a great way to explain different terms that many first-time homebuyers may not understand, and to provide valuable market updates.

3. Share Behind The Scenes - Give followers access to the behind-the-scenes process when working with you as an agent or broker. Show them how you work with clients and what they can expect when working with you—this will make them feel more comfortable and increase engagement in your business!

4. Promote Your Listings - Use stories to promote new listings and open houses as soon as they come onto the market! This will allow potential buyers to know right away if that property is something they would be interested in seeing more of or attending an open house for it! Plus, if someone is already following your account then they’ll get notified when a new story has been posted which increases visibility for your business!

5. Create Engagement - A great way to use Instagram stories is by creating polls or quizzes related to real estate topics such as “What type of home do you prefer?” or “What home features are important to you?” When people start engaging with these polls, it allows for more interaction between yourself and potential buyers who might be interested in a listing but haven’t taken the next step yet!

Long story short: Instagram stories are an invaluable tool when it co

mes to engaging prospective clients and driving sales. And if you aren’t already using them, we’re making it easier than ever for you to start with these 10 FREE Instagram story templates for you to use this week!

Using one of the informational story posts from our freebie is also a great opportunity to show up on video! You can do this by using one of the informational posts as a prompt, and then dive a bit further into the subject to provide even more value to your followers!

You can easily incorporate this into your marketing strategy when you have the consistency of new and engaging content delivered to you monthly with the Pink Door membership.

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