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  • What comes with my monthly membership?
    Your monthly or yearly membership comes with all editable Canva templates. Templates include 30 + new social media posts every month plus caption ideas for each post, a library filled with listing updates, Story templates, buyer and seller guide, self promotional templates and refferal templates. You also get weekly blog/email newseltters to send your sphere, a library of stock images to create your own fun templates, and a branding library to help you create a cohesive band across your social media. Plus SO MUCH MORE TO COME! Your price will never increase even as we continue to add more to your membership!
  • Can I cancel at any time?
    Per our terms and agreement, monthly members may cancel at any time. They will continue to get access to the membership for their full billing period after they cancel. Yearly memberships have 30 days to cancel for a full refund, minus the cost of what the going rate is for our monthly membership for a 1 time cost. A request to cancel after the 30 days will be not refunded, but the membership will be canceled. They will still have access to the membership for their full yearly billing period.
  • How do I add multiple accounts for my team?
    A membership grants a licensing agreement for one sole agent or one team to use the content. You may not purchase one membership and allow multiple users to access and to post on multiple accounts. Doing violates our terms and agreements and your membership will be canceled immediately if violated. If you would like to purchase a multi-user license for other team members, brokerage or social media managers, please contact us for a group rated discount pricing.
  • How often and when do you send new content?
    We send new content every month on the 20th. This gives you a little more than a week to edit all templates and plug them into a scheduling system so you are good to go for the next month.
  • Do you post social media content for me?
    Yes! For an additional cost starting at $110/mo, we will post and rebrand our content onto two social media accounts of the agents choice. For a pricing guide and more information, visit or email
  • What if other agents in my area are also members?
    The great thing about these posts are that they are completely and easily editable! Change fonts, colors and add your logo, head shots and your listing photos and you will have completely personalized social media posts. Every agent will most likely switch up when they post content and designs will be altered. We also offer certain templates in multiple designs to give you options.
  • Why is Canva asking me to upgrade?
    Canva offers many free tools and elements. All our designs and templates are created with these free elements. When deciding to edit our designs, please be mindful that you are only using their free verion of tools. These include, photos, fonts, elements, backgrounds, etc. Each element will tell you if it is the free version or Pro version.
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