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Need an effective way to lead gen with your buyer and seller guides?  Grab these awesome emails that follow up with your potential clients, after they have downloaded or you've handed them your guides.


It's easy.  Once you've sent their guide, grab their email address and then put them on an auto campaign that follows up automatically with your prospect.  


(We like to recommend setting up a landing page from your IG link-in-bio or website, so your followers can download your guide anytime and you automatically get their email address and they fall right into your email campaign.)


These emails help to keep you top of mind and build that trust factor, while making you look like the amazing agent that you are!


Download in PDF or JPEG right out of Canva.

One time purchase, forever your template!


No refunds on digital products.


These emails are not salesy, but create a friendly yet professional approach to genuinely building a relationship with your prospect.


With our guides and this email campaign, you will have a super effective way of lead prospecting, morning, noon and night!

Buyer/Seller Guide Email Follow-Up Campaign

  • *Please note:  these emails templates are available to all Pink Door Members.  If you wish to sign up as a member and receive everything in our shop, please head to the main page to sign up.  There will be NO REFUNDS of this product if you choose to purchase this today and sign up as a member on a later date. 

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