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Blogging as a Realtor in 2023

4 Free Real Estate Blog Templates!

If you want to grow your real estate business and bring in clients that are a dream to work with, you need to get blogging! You might think that blogging is old school at this point and that your marketing energy is better spent on social media. But blogging as a Realtor® is an important component of an effective and successful real estate marketing strategy. It can even boost how you show up on social media, making all of your digital marketing more impactful.

Why you should be blogging about real estate for your business

The benefits of real estate blogging for your business are many, but here are three of the biggest reasons to start your real estate blog.

Build Organic Marketing

Blogging is an amazing way to develop organic marketing for your business and bring dream clients to you–rather than having to hunt those clients down the hard way (AKA cold calling).

Search engines like Google will categorize your blog post and allow people to search for it on the internet. That means that someone searching for “real estate market in [CITY NAME]” could come across your blog and your business–if you have a blog post about it. This is the magic of blogging. Your blog will bring potential clients right to your door without you needing to spend any money on paid social media ads. Just simple, effective organic marketing.

Build credibility posting high-quality real estate blogs will also help you build credibility as an expert in your field. You want to be known as the local real estate authority, and having a library of blog posts about your area is a great way to show that you are exactly that.

Consistent, value-packed blogs will also help you build trust between you and your potential clients. You’re offering people in your audience accurate information and knowledge that they can use to be more successful in real estate for free through your blog. This will help potential clients see you not only as an expert but also as someone who is trustworthy and generous with their knowledge. People want to work with people they trust, so this is key for strong client relationships.

Build your real estate email list

Lastly, but most importantly, a good real estate blog will help you build out your email list of interested potential clients in your area. This is the linchpin to any successful digital real estate marketing strategy because it’s how you turn interested people into life-long clients. Once you collect emails, you can start sending those people a series of emails with great information to nurture them and get them ready to become a client.

How to Start your real estate blog

Starting a real estate blog doesn’t have to be complicated. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you just need to get started–it doesn’t have to be perfect! Follow these steps to get your blog up and running so you can grow your real estate business.

Step 1: Pick a real estate blog name

You want people to know who the blog belongs to an associate the blog with your biz, so your blog name should tie in with your real estate business’s name or your name. Your blog name doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but it should be recognizable. Come up with a few ideas and run them by your trusted real estate mentors and peers to help you select one.

Step 2: Get your blog online.

The next step is to create an online space for your blog posts. This can be through your website (recommended) or through a blogging site like WordPress, Medium, or Substack.

Step 3: Customize/brand your blog

Your blog should reflect your brand and help people associate the high-quality content you post with you! Bring your brand colors, your logo, and your photos into your blog so people can instantly recognize your work.

Step 4: Write and publish your blog

Now it’s time for the fun to begin–writing and publishing your blog posts! My main recommendation here is to create a content schedule that’s consistent. Whether you post a real estate blog once every other day, once a week, or even once a month, having a consistent schedule will make it easier for you to keep up with the blog and show that you’re a professional. If you’re not sure what to write about, scroll down to get some real estate blogging inspo.

Step 5: Market your new blog post

Here’s the trick to blogging: you can’t just post a blog and hope that people start flocking to you. It takes a little more work than that. Post a teaser for your new blog post on your social media to get people to click over to your website.

You should also offer a free buyer or seller guide on each of your blog posts to capture the emails of potential clients and put them through an email nurture sequence.

Blogging Ideas for Your Local Real Estate Market

Sometimes it can be hard to come up with good things to blog about. But you won’t have that problem since you have this list of high-quality real estate blogging topics. Plus, you can grab 4 free blog posts if you scroll down to the bottom!

  • Local events and local business: Spotlight the local goings-on that your clients might want to check out. You can also shout out your fave local businesses, which will help build your network. These kinds of blog posts are super useful as a resource for people who are looking to move into the area!

  • Housing trends: You’re a real estate expert, so you know what the hottest trends are. Share your knowledge and help your buyers and sellers style their homes on-trend.

  • Luxury properties: People love to find out and get a sneak peek into luxury homes in their area. Photos are the name of the game here, so if you have any luxury listings, definitely take people on a photo tour through the home.

  • Investor opportunities: Have any properties that would be perfect for an investor? Show them off in a blog post and share why they could be a great choice for an investor.

  • Best neighborhoods for families: You know your area inside and out, so you know which neighborhoods are the best for families. Show off your knowledge and create a resource for your clients with families.

  • School district neighborhoods: School districts are very important to many buyers, but the actual boundaries can be confusing. You can explain the boundaries and the best areas to be in for clients who prioritize good schools.

  • Property taxes: Because property taxes can vary so widely by zip code to zip code, share what you know about property taxes in your area. These kinds of posts are also great to refer your investor clients too!

The Easiest Way to Write Your Real Estate Blog Posts

Putting together a real estate blog is well worth the time it takes to get set up because it will improve every other part of your digital real estate marketing strategy. With your real estate blog, you’ll be building your organic marketing, improving your credibility, and building out your email list.

But I know that staying consistent with real estate blogging while you’re out there making your clients’ real estate dreams come true can be a challenge.

That’s why Pink Door Social Agent puts out weekly newsletters/blog posts that busy agents can use to build their blog and their client base. When you’re a member, you also get info-packed buyer and seller guides to use as a freebie lead magnet. The guides are fully customizable so you can brand them to match your biz, and they’re an incredible way to get great info into interested people while getting their email addresses.

Want to see how Pink Door’s weekly blogs can help you build your online real estate business’s presence? Grab a sample of 4 of our amazing newsletters/blog posts to see how they can move the needle for your biz FOR FREE by clicking here!

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